Åland Företagsbyrå Ab - Briefly in English

 Versatile expertise and solid experience

Åland Företagsbyrå Ab was founded in 1973 and our motto was "Knowledge and Quality" already back then.

Åland Företagsbyrå Ab is Åland's only authorized accounting firm and also an authorized member of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms. This authorization ensures independence as well as professionalism officially declared professionalism in finance administration's various compartments. The authorization is also a way to monitor and ensure that the agency's activities comply meets the requirements of good accounting practice.

Our clients represent a variety of branches, directly or indirectly related to Åland. With around 700 customers we are proud to be Åland's market leading accouting firm.

The firm has 38 employees with extensive knowledge and experience in accounting. Four collegues have passed the KLT accounting examination and one of us is a HTM auditor, approved by the local Chamber of Commerce.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff ensures that our customers receive reliable advice in matters relating to their company's finances.